Debbie Simister LSWPP LBIPP
A qualified, accredited, professional wedding photographer

ABOUT  - in a nutshell....

I love photography, travelling, cooking, coffee and cake! My family (Hubby, two children),  my dog (Boris - also family) 
Sunrise on frosty winter mornings, dancing, laughing and a romcom on a Sunday afternoon.

Our Story

My journey to becoming a professional photographer has been well nurtured, I loved art school and was lucky enough to have been accepted into Chelsea College of Art for my foundation year and into LCP (Now University of the Arts) for my degree, this solid education in Art, developed me as both an artist and a person. I enjoyed a 10 year career as a graphic designer, working up to Design Manager within the travel industry and eCommerce. I had always loved photography, happily a keen amateur for years... However,  when I photographed my first wedding in 2008 I knew I had found something!

Being a wedding photographer is the most terrifying and exhilarating job - ever! 
Every day is different, most locations are different - if the same venue then it's a different season, subject and personalities.
It's not every career which takes you on such a rollercoaster every time you go into work - I go to work knowing I HAVE to get there, HAVE to get in the right place at the right time, I have to smile, be polite but firm to organise everyone into groups, help ensure the bride arrives on time,  help get people dressed! The list goes on - without fail I will cry - if not during the ceremony then it will be in the speeches - it's an emotional job...


To establish yourself with a career in wedding photography is hard work and expensive, so I cherish it! It’s a fabulous job, meeting great people at very exciting times in their lives! I really care about my clients and I want to provide them with an amazing set of photographs that I know they will love and cherish.

Wedding Photography is often led by fashion and trends, I love to play with these trends and I like to keep relevant.
 I want my work to be timeless, realistic and true, so that future generations will recognise and understand the images they see - I don't like to heavily retouch photographs, I will remove a blemishes and distractions but the final photograph must be attractive and natural.

I love to push myself,  exploring different disciplines, studying, training and trying out new things!
My strong background in art education has taught me to continue to grow and strive to be the best wedding photographer I can be. 
I am committed to my profession and dedicate myself to gaining further professional qualifications with BIPP and SWPP.

There are many, many wedding photographers but surprisingly few are accredited professionals!

I am qualified with two professional bodies in the UK, The British Institute for Professional Photography (BIPP)
AND The Society for Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP).

BIPP photographers are recognised across the world as having achieved a benchmark of excellence.
I am proud to be one of only 4 BIPP qualified wedding photographers in Bedfordshire

SWPP qualified photographers have achieved
“A level which shows a high level of dedication, understanding, and ability in their craft, and are recognised as
able to “produce images of excellence”.
I am proud to be one of only 5 SWPP qualified wedding photographers in Bedfordshire

I would love to hear your wedding plans, please get in touch!

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