Your Best Friends

This is a post to say thank you to all the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids!

They bring the party on the big day!

They add a bit of fun, a lot of energy and help the day go smoothly (mostly!) Greeting guests, fixing make up - dragging people onto the dancefloor - they carry out the screaming flowergirl so you can hear your vows - they are awesome and that's why they are your best friends.

I am saying thank you because these lovely people provide me with a lot of good photographs in lot's of different ways!

Every bride wants a shot with the girls, formal and informal - we love the posed formal group photograph, everyone looking beautiful but perhaps we love the one where everyone is sticking out their tongues a little bit more?!

Every Groom wants a shot with 'The Boys' and there is usually a couple of drinks involved - queue the jokes! I love the 'Reservoir Dogs' shot - all boys walking toward the camera - Groom slightly infront... I love the this one capturing both vintage wedding cars and every single one of his friends!

I will make sure we capture lot's of great photographs of your besties on your wedding day. That's what I'm here to do!