Congratulations on your engagement - this is such an exciting time in your lives, we must celebrate!

Engagement sessions are a fantastic way to capture this special time in your lives and are a great addition to your wedding photography package!

Engagements usually take place on location, using the features of your wedding venue or the natural features in the landscape to compose the imagery.

During the session, I will provide tips on posing your hands and feet, to create a more elegant pose and instantly slim the figure, the aim is to make everything look natural, yet elegant!
I can see which poses suit you, most couples prefer a really natural style so it's important to refine the details so natural still looks great!
I am looking to see how you interact with each other and myself.


Engagement Shoot

Helping you feel at ease in front of the camera is my goal.
I want to make sure you feel happy with how I am working and If you aren't looking comfortable I'll try something different!

The session will last about an hour and we will create a
set of photographs reflecting the different styles of photography we have played with, most will be natural images, as this best reflects my style!
I will ask you to come and view the photographs and to ask for feedback from this session, particularly about the photographs you love and which you are not so keen on!