Wedding FAQ's

I have covered hundreds of weddings and have created this page to answer the questions I am asked most frequently
- if I've missed something, please let me know!

How do we book you to be our wedding photographer?

Please get in touch and see if I have availability for your wedding date!
To confirm a wedding date in my diary I require a booking fee of £250 and your contract to be signed (online). I do not consider your date as 'booked' unless I have received the contract and booking fee. I receive multiple enquiries for every Saturday and key dates are booked years in advance .
All quotes are valid for 7 days - and please confirm promptly - you may lose your date if delays are experienced

Can we meet you before booking?

Yes, of course!
Please feel free to come and meet me, I would love to hear your wedding plans and discuss ideas (There is no commitment to book).
I work most weekends and can accommodate weekday evenings, if a daytime appointment is difficult.
I can often meet at your venue and tie in with other meetings you may have.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am a professional wedding photographer– this is a requirement of being recognised as a professional by the British Institute of Professional Photography. I am fully insured and work to ensure best practices are adopted.
Lot’s of venues will request to see insurance documents, happy to send these over, please don’t hesitate to ask!

What if your camera breaks?

I have two full frame cameras with me at every wedding, one is kept as a back up should I damage the other. I carry a variety of lenses so should one be dropped or suffer mechanical failure I have back up options available.The responsibilty of being a wedding photographer has made me quite superstitious - with only one opportunity to capture your wedding day I always have a back up plan!!

What if something happens to you?

I have never missed a wedding, it would be due to having a terrible accident on the way! 
Should I break a leg or have some other major disaster before your day I will contact you and help to arrange another photographer for you, I am part of two professional bodies so there are other qualified,  professional photographers whom I could trust to take my place.

I've seen this photograph I really like...

I really like to see the wedding photographs which have caught your eye!
I tend not to show silly or gimmicky photographs on my website as it's not an acurate representation of my style of wedding photography. It's not always kissing and smiling so it's great to have a bit of fun - don't take the whole thing too seriously so, of course, I will take them...
If you have an idea for a photograph please let me know I will do my best to make it happen for you!

I'm planning a surprise....

If you have something special or secret happening on your wedding day please let me know, if it is a secret - email me, I am very good at helping things happen! Happy to help, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time! 

How long do you stay for on a wedding day? 

The amount of coverage included depends on the package you have booked. My wedding photography packages are a suggestion so please contact me should your requirements not fit your needs.
Coverage to the First dance - if the wedding is running to time I will continue to shoot 15 minutes after the first dance to capture the first few songs on the dance floor, capturing the party in full swing!
Should you require additional coverage, such as shooting fireworks this is charged at £75 per hour.
If the wedding is running late I reserve the right to charge for the additional time in attendance -  I will not leave before the first dance.

Do you work with another photographer?

I occassionally will have an assistant to help with equipment but I usually prefer to work alone, this ensures consistency with style and concentration it also maintains my relationship with my clients.
I do include the option to include an additional photographer to provide extra coverage, if necessary - so please discuss your wedding with me.

Can I pay by cash/credit card?

Yes most clients pay via bank transfer however you may pay with a credit card or cash. Credit card payments are available online – please note I do not offer a discount for cash. Momentous Photography Ltd is a private limited company, I am required to pay UK taxes and all bookings go through my system to my accountant.

Do you charge for travel?

Mileage is included within 30 miles of Milton Keynes, beyond this I charge 35 pence per mile, travel time is charged at my own discretion.

Do you edit the photographs?

I am a qualified professional and I committed to providing photographs which have been finished to a professional standard. I choose the best of the photographs I have taken to tell the story of your day. I spend a lot of time selecting these wedding photographs and I hand finish EVERY individual image, checking for consistency throughout the exposure and colour correction, plus composition.

Do you retouch the images?

Retouching is often confused with editing, I quite often remove ‘distractions’ from a photograph as part of my commitment to provide finished photographs. Additional retouching is possible, this may include signage, if possible and should you wake up with a spot – I can sort this for you, I can swap heads in a group photograph, if Mum has eyes closed, for example.
Please contact me to discuss - each image will be considered case by case, further retouching is charged at £27.50 per hour.

When will we receive our wedding photographs?

Your set of wedding photographs will be available in digital format and to view online via a password controlled gallery one month after your wedding date. During busy periods this may extend by a few days as I may have lots of weddings in the same week!